Past and future of the bots

The last six months have been amazing, watching the number of played connect four games going up every single day. We’ve been answering support messages and we’ve been trying to keep the bots up and running for as long as possible. We gathered a lot of feedback, especially feature requests for @TheConnect4Bot and we tried to answer them as fast as possible. Last week we also released our newest bot, @ThePicturesBot, to take a step into social networks and make sharing Instagram pictures in Telegram easier than ever before.
We have created our website, and connected a lot of social networks to it, so you guys can follow us and keep up to date with everything that happens to the bots and the latest developments.

But, to be honest, we have been a little bit sloppy when it comes to updates and improvements, especially for @TheConnect4Bot.

Now, that we have the website and our latest bot project live, we will take a step back and continue working on our main project. We just started the development for the next version of @TheConnect4Bot. We try to release it as soon as possible, with mainly the same functionalities and some improvements for the users but a lot of changes in the background of the bot, and then keep updating it from time to time, until all those features are implemented.
We also have plans for @ThePicturesBot and a few other ideas for new bots.

If you also want to request a feature, feel free to get in contact using Telegram @TheBotSupport.
Also if you want to keep being notified about updates, follow our Telegram news channel @TheBotsNews and all our other social media pages using the buttons below.

Stay tuned for further news and updates, and keep playing and sharing.

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